September 10, 2012

You Don't Know What I Did Last September

Since then, at an uncertain hour,
That memory returns.
And till my ghastly tale is told,
This guile within me burns.

September 2012

Days Since The Last Coincidence : 53

It was always on the cards. The Mayans would have been surer of it then they were about 2012. 53 may stretch to 4815162342. Perhaps for the best. It seems to restore the balance in the universe around me. So I let it be. This too, like all the other times, began in September and ended in April.
Then restarted.
(unlike all the other times)
Why ? Rules have exceptions. And as it stands, only an exception can be the solution to my September conundrum.
But, sadly (so very sadly), it wasn't a 'restart'.
Why ? Tales have twists. And as it stands, it was an exception, yes; but not a restart.
I would choose to lie and say I didn't realize that until late. I kept the pursuit hot with my new-found levels of pretense, irrationality and flawed conjecture.
Meanwhile, another September cycle began. 
Why ? You could have your heart at two places in one time. And as it stands, more or less,
it always is.

September 2011

"Did you get yourself a pass for Fugiya night ?"
"No, not yet, I m thinki.."
"Arre nahi milega baad me ! Arrange one. Jaldi."
<call ended>  
No, not yet, I m thinking of not going to Fugiya at all.  
The person i stalk, is not going. Hence i have lost the urge too. Now I should feel guilty of leading you, apart from bluntly ignoring all the hints you have been dropping all this semester. But i don't. So satanic.

Next day, I had a change of heart. Actually, it was just a change of mind. I should give in to her. Of late, hardly anyone gave me so much 'bhaav'. Let's see how it goes. But wouldn't that mean giving up on the person I stalk ? Not necessarily. So satanic.
|hey...bought the ticket. :) |  <message sent>
reply: | k | 

|..will be at the ground by 7. :) | <message sent>
reply: | k |  

7:06pm, at the ground. I called. "Hello.. where are you..i have been waiting here."
"..coming. Had to go back to hostel. Dress code issues," said she.     
<call ended> 
30 minutes later i met her, and her boyfriend. So satanic. 
 After flashing smiles around for a while, I returned to my hostel. Phone flashed. New message. From the person i stalked.
"Are you attending Fugiya. This laser show is awesome."
 Ohh Noes!

September 2010

                                                                     She:  i dont know. i mean i read it. it was beautiful..
                                                                              ...the only problem being that it was for me 
                                                                              ...and not for someone more deserving.
                                                                     Me:  ok. its fine. forget abt it. i  m sorry. (biatch)
                                                                     She:  i hate being mean, bt i m nt the rite person.
                                                                     Me:  hmmn (biatch)

                                                                                            User went offline.
                                                                     She: sorry abt ystrday.
                                                                     Me: its fine. (i m in love every september)
                                                                     She: its better to be single then in a wrong relationship.
                                                                     Me: u r rite. (wrong relationship?! u were saying better                                                                                                                                              things ystrday)
                                                                     She: we should continue being friends.
                                                                     Me: yesh :) (and i will stalk u until u give in)
                                                                     She: :)
                                                                     Me: heyy, one more thing..
                                                                     She: yesh ?
                                                                     Me: don't tell anyone abt this..
                                                                     She: ehehehehe okay :D :P 
                                                                                             User went offline.

There onwards, it was all about coincidencesnone of which were actually coincidences. By April, my cruel intentions were apparent, and whatever in the damned name of Moriarty we had; ended...
..that is, until June when..

                                                                      She: happy birthday :)
                                                                      Me: thank you :) (control)
                                                                      She: lets be friends..we were good..promise me u wudnt 
                                                                              feel that way abt me...and i wudnt be the
                                                                              albatross around ur u agree ? 
                                                                      Me: Yesh ! (and i will stalk u until u give in)
September 2009

New days, new people, new place;
And September found me a new face.
Smitten was I, yet so so very shy -
To break a word, or even say 'Hi'.
Popular she was, the competition I couldn't bear,
So to turn the tide, I stood by her side -
And whispered 'i like you' in her ear !

She didn't respond, and it made me sad,
Until a friend told me, her left ear was bad.
I stood on the wrong side, so she couldn't hear,
And after that I never, tried to make it clear.
But I did tell that friend, what I felt for her,
As it turned out in the end, he became her boy-friend;
And I was left hoping for better, in coming September.
But, जो  भी  हुआ , सही  ही  था । 
मन  कभी  रही , नहीं  कोई  व्यथा ।। 

September 2008 & September 2005  

I would abstain from making up a story for every September going back till 2001 so as to not make this post too long. Yet, Septembers of 2005 and 2008, similar in nature, need mention.

2005: The obsession, the crush, the thrill and the disdain - felt them all for real and good for the first time. If you have seen 'Little Manhattan', consider her my Rosemary Telesco. (If not, then please don't die before having seen that movie). So like it was for poor Gabe, for me too, it was never meant to be. I knew so, even before I told her why I wrote her poems and made her cards. In a nutshell, at 15, in class 9th, I had my first heartburn. Self inflicted sadness. I so much wished she was in my class and not in class 12th. :P

2008: "commerce, second year", my friend informed me; when it was only a mild attraction (and my Bansal Classes Rank was 292). IIT-JEE should have been my only concern, yet numerous eye contacts, smile exchanges, Hi's n Byes, a little bit of running behind her scooty and occasional chits-chats later; I was deeply infatuated (and my Bansal Classes Rank was 2213).
Then one fine day I wished her luck for her boards exam. She smiled and said, "Boards ?! Boy, I am in B.Com. second year".
Oops! I did it again.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
Rights to exaggeration and bragging reserved.
The timeline may have been skewed to fit my September scheme of things.
No characterisation intended.

Everything is relative.



  1. So you sure nothing happened this September?

  2. Hope things don't work that I can read something next september too..So Satanic ;) :D :P
    OR maybe they do and I get to read something here much more sooner :P

    1. There will be a story for sure. What will it be ? ...that will depend on what i hv learnt from the septembers gone by. :P

  3. LOL!!!

  4. Terrible. What happened to you, not the post :P. And there's always a next time. Been there, done that, my friend.

    1. hehe..thanks ...with time, it all becomes more funny than terrible :P ..and i hv always had ppl like you :)

      I'm developing my sense of humor,
      till I can laugh at my heart between their teeth,
      till I can laugh at my face beneath their feet.

  5. one word- Terrific! Now I truly understand what 'Abhishekspeare' meant! :P u deserve this one! :D

    1. ohh wait..i hv barely begun :P ...hehehe ..thanku :)

  6. K.. this is to inform u, with all due respect, i'm gonna plagiarize it!!! so satanic ;)

    1. typical G****chor ! :P ..well anyway, remember and spread my great words, "lightening can strike u twice. Hell, it will strike u as many times u venture out into the storm."

    2. does lightening strike in manipur?? look out for some of my recent pics to come... :P >D and keep going!

    3. manipur ! thats the land of thunderbolts (quizzically its Bhutan :P ). u too, keep going ! :D

  7. worse has happened wid me
    nd it was nt september even
    july-august i guess !!!!

    1. "Love is an ugly, terrible business practiced by fools. It’ll trample your heart and leave you bleeding on the floor. And what does it really get you in the end? Nothing but a few incredible memories that you can’t ever shake."
      : Gabe, Little Manhattan.
      watch the movie and listen to 'in my life' (beatles).
      u will forgive and forget.

  8. “I know that's what people say-you'll get over it. I'd say it, too. But I know it's not true. Oh, youll be happy again, never fear. But you won't forget. Every time you fall in love it will be because something in the man reminds you of him.”
    ― Betty Smith, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn


    1. Skillet on the stove
      It's such a temptation
      Maybe I'll be the lucky one that doesn't get burnt
      What the fuck was I thinking?
      : 'Fuck was I' ;Jenny Owen Youngs.


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