March 12, 2015

Of Masks and Men


picture #1: Om Beach
picture #2,4,5: Kudle Beach
picture #3: Arabian Sea
picture #6: Enroute Yana, Sirsa

Gokarna is a small village-town located in uttar (north) Karnataka - about 600 kms from Bangalore. With the foothills of the western ghats jutting into the Arabian sea in form of multiple cliffs, few pristine beach stretches could be found here.
Beautiful, yet it makes you work to get there, with all beaches being a trek away, rather than being easily reachable or directly motorable. The Om beach (shaped like the numeral 3) and the Kudle beach are the prime locations. But for the trek worthy and the persistent, you also have the following treats:
1. Paradise beach
2. Small Hell beach
3. Half Moon Beach
4. Heaven beach
5. Mystery cave beach
(I have not made up these names.)

Ideal for a weekend stay, you could extend it to visit certain nearby attractions - each taking about one day of time (and 4200 kilojoules of energy).
1. Murudeshwar - Maravanthe - 125 Kms
    Maravanthe brings before you a sight of a river and the sea on either side of the highway (NH 17), barely separated by few metres of a thin strip of land.
2. Jog Falls - 110 Kms
    Remember that waterfall you read about in GK books?
3. Yana - 60 Kms
    Strange, black (too too damn black) rock formations which just do not mingle with the surrounding geology.

Poem is an original composition - you can use it, but not without my name on it!
Do not read between the lines.
Lines have been forcibly rhymed - thats how i like it, like it.
Rights to exaggeration and bragging reserved.
Its not how it happened; its how you remember it.
No characterisation intended
Data and information may have been skewed to suit the storyline
Everything is relative to your perspective