November 16, 2012

These Things I'll Never Say...

These Things I'll Never Say

Sometimes the music seems so loud
And I wish I could lose this crowd
Maybe its better this way
Cause I might hurt others...
..With what I have to say.
So, these things I will never say.

Every dark cloud has a silver lining
Still at times I just cant see the light
Cause a silver lining isn't enough
To make my wrongs seem right.

At times life isn't fair
The reason seems so plain to see
I m just a dot in this world 
So God forgot about me.

So what do I have?
What I have is negativity
Sometimes I can't justify
The way people look at me.

And I have nothing more than I get
But its still fine
Cause nothing I have..
...Is truly mine

And still I try my best
But I don't succeed
I get what I want 
But not what I need.

I have got more to say
But I cant tell anymore
Its not how I planned it
I've got the key to the door
But the door just wont open.
Let the rest remain unspoken.

Now that you've read it 
Don't be misled
I've always wanted people to understand
What I never said.


36 lines. 
Submitted for the school magazine, The Oakgrovian (2006), as a piece of original creative writing.
Each line was copied.


I used to write a lot.
A Lot = approximately 13 poems and 4-5 articles per fortnight = approximately 0.23 diary units.
Diary unit ?
It is the time taken to fill up a standard sized diary (page area < A4), under standard conditions of temperature, pressure and mental state of mind. So a diary unit is essentially a measurement of time. Its different for each individual. Roughly speaking, a diary unit tells us how quickly you can fill up a diary with bullshit you consider worthy of being inked down.
*Its not an SI unit.
**I made it up.

So, since I used to write a lot, I used to contribute to the school magazine and newsletters a lot. 
Not that I was a serial plagiarist, but this one was unique in its approach. More so beacuse I didn't even realize that I had done it. Else I would never have had the courage to submit it.

It was published. The editors failed to notice the bits and pieces sewn together. Or they never actually editted it.
You may already be seeing through this poem. If not, let me take you through it. Hope you are just as amazed as I was when I stumbled across it today while flipping through an old school magazine.

These Things I'll Never Say     (Avril Lavigne, album: Let go, song: these things i'll never say)

sometimes the music seems so loud              (George Michaels, careless wishpers)
and i wish i could lose this crowd
maybe its better this way
cause i might hurt others...
with what i have to say                           
so, these things i will never say.

every dark cloud has a silver lining                (Creed, Don't stop dancing)
still at times i just cant see the light
cause a silver lining isn't enough
to make my wrongs sees right

at times life isnt fair               (Creed, dont stop dancing. again. it was so good a song i used two paras)
the reason seems so plain to see
i m just a dot in this world
so God forgot about me

so what do i have?                   (Linking park, somewhere i belong)
what i have is negativity
sometimes i cant justify
the way people look at me

and i have nothing more than i get             (Dido, Life for rent)
but its still fine
cause nothing i have
is truly mine

and i still try my best             (Coldplay, fix you)
but i dont succeed
i get what i want
but not what i need

i have got more to say               (Santana, Just feel better)
but i cant tell anymore
its not how i planned it
i've got the key to the door
but the door just wont open
let the rest remain unspoken

now that you've read it              (these 4 lines are original :P   Honest.  ...and they are good..aren't they?  :D )
dont be misled
i've always wanted people to understand
what i never said.


There are a few more such instances. But not to this degree. At most, a para here, a couplet there. 
I guess everyone does that. 
I know everyone does that. 

Class 10th. Back in that time perhaps I thought that I was the only one listening to these songs. And all my writings were greatly influenced by the songs I had been listening, articles I had been reading and movies I had been watching. How else do you imagine I had been achieving a diary unit of 2.5 months !

But hey..
now that you've read it                       (this time i mean the poem above)
dont be misled
i've always wanted people to understand 
what i never said.

I mean, I did write a few good ones. Good and original to the core. Good....because I never intended them to be published....Original...because I wrote them with a purpose and usually with a person in  mind. But more on this some other time....
....cause 'these things I (still) will never say'.


All rights reserved. 
(please do not copy an already copied material)
Diary Unit is a registered trademark of un-bubble-wrapped Inc.
Unsolicited usage will entail a legal course of action.
Be original. 
(atleast try)