March 05, 2017

Same Difference

For reasons (yet) unknown, the seat numbers for the Nok Airlines began from 31.
This was the only puzzling thing faced in this maiden venture of ours beyond borders of India. For four people who had never gotten their passports stamped, I believe we (planned) and navigated quite well through the international departure/arrival nuances (other than one of us being sent off from the Visa on Arrival desk to get a better picture of himself).
All in all, much to the relief of my anxious self, rest was a smooth sailing - from Bangalore airport to Don Muang - Bangkok and then the consequent transition into the domestic terminal for our flight to Phuket. Well, one of us did get 'jetleaded' - sleeping all the way to Phuket - later blaming it on the excitement which didn't let her sleep in the 48 hours that had gone by.

Now - one month later, I am looking back at those 7 days again. For the weary of words, below is a visual summary (of carefully picked pictures in which I m not looking/acting weird).

For the rest, I will just summarize the keywords that still stick on the my memory canvas.

More or less everything around resonated to the same frequency as that of any beach destination.
After walking the entire length of the beach, finally settled down in one cozy table of one of the many shore-side restaurants. Thats where the introduction to Singha happened. Not that there hasnt been a better beer that I have tasted, but dear Singha was a part of every meal I had in Thailand.

Bangla Road
Once the scales of soberness had been tipped over and the time of the night was well late, we took off to get back to the acquired accommodations. The way we came back had just transformed itself into the most un-recognizable form possible.
We were on the Bangla road - I guess the nomenclature is totally unrelated to the bengali language. We did have a bengali babu amongst us but his inference was the same as mine. All that, yet the atmosphere and mostly the crowd was no less than that you see during Durga Puja. Gods/goddesses might just smite me for taking their holi name along side the sin street.
Every step into the street and I had recollection of the many tips and to-dos which had been imparted to me before the beginning of this vacation.
I guess it was too many colors, too many lights and too many 'observations' to handle in one walk through the street - so we turned back for another. And then another.

Ping Pong
The number of people who screamed this name in my ear during the walks mentioned above is uncountable. I wish I could tell you what or what not it is but then some things should be just left for self discovery. If you are not careful enough, one of those girls (guys?) might just land a cracking styrofoam whip upon you and you will be left wondering what just happened. Just in case you are planning to do a google search for the same - please go incognito.

Phi Phi
The speed boat takes about 45 minutes to take you to Phi Phi and few other b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l islands around. The activity took the entire day. There are multiple spots you could let yourself down in the clear water and snorkel around. That day made me come back with a strong resolution to learn to swim. Rest of Phi Phi is sights (when have words ever sufficed, so I wont even attempt to).

Krabi is the 'far from the madding crowd' version of Phuket. Even our accommodation was in the middle of nowhere. The closest beach, Klong Muang was about 30 mins hike, but what is a sight. The sun was down by the time we emerged out of the heavily forested path leading to the beach. And then we saw it - the dark shapes of mountain chain drowning in the sea on the blood red and dark orange background. Eyes remained transfixed on it until it all faded into the dark with just the (almost) full moon shimmering above it.
The water around Krabi are dotted with hillocks strewn around its stretch. We got on to another day of island hopping and water frollicking.

There was about 2 days in hand until the flight back most of which was spent getting lost aound the city - so much so that in Chatuchak weekend market, all four of us got separated from each other. Whatever time we had on the ultimate day was spent around Wat Arun and Wat Pho. That giant statue of Buddha (in reclining posture) was something of a sight.

With the thought of the daily usualness catching us again within 12 hours, we concluded the souvenir shopping. With some indelible ink on my wrist and a pair of thai boxing gloves in my bag - I got back to being the busy and the tired and the pursuer and the pursued.


Do not read between the lines.
Rights to exaggeration and bragging reserved.
Its not how it happened; its how you remember it.
No characterisation intended
Data and information may have been skewed to suit the storyline
Everything is relative to your perspective