October 29, 2013

Jingle Bell

It may not be that big day
There may not be a big plan
Yet to give it what you can
You need not be Batman

The reluctance beats the best of us
Never easy getting off the hook
Yet once you log off, close facebook

You never regret this step you took

A place far off is always good
But not everytime within the reach
Somedays it will be Lol-Bagh
Instead of a sparkling beach

Tire me out - drag me off
Or I would rather sleep at home
Until one day I fear I become
Merely a number in your phone

You can let the day end
Or keep it still alive
Plunge into the usual virtual
Or into the real one dive

Greet the sweet intoxication
Meet the darkness around
And keep that mental snapshot
Of you ROFLing on the ground

Knocking yourself out
Pushing the four walls about
Madness is but perception
What's peace within lest craziness without

Let the day going by
Give you a story to tell
True as far as honesty persists
Rest replaced by 'jingle bell'

The picture will change - people will leave
Although captured in the clicks
So weave a few stories - drunken memories 

And stud them with GPLs and kicks

So count up the fellows
Lest another day turns to crap
Pop the bubble, meet the mishap
Let what lies ahead, un-bubble-wrap

Rights to exaggeration and bragging reserved.
Its not how it happened; its how you remember it.
No characterisation intended.
Data and information may have been skewed to suit the storyline.
Everything is relative to your perspective.


pop a bubble.